Sarah is the founder of Archipel, a selective natural cosmetics boutique located in the Grenus / Bel-Air district of Geneva. Sarah describes herself as a spontaneous, determined and clumsy Franco-Swiss girl – and we love her for this. Sarah grew up in a very entrepreneurial family and loves developing new ideas. She will soon become a mum for the first time this summer and cannot wait to discover what this new life will have in store for her!

Prior to starting her own business, Sarah worked in the natural products sector, including 6 years with procurement natural essential oils at Givaudan, the world’s leading manufacturer of fragrances and flavors. Here she learned about natural ingredients, the people behind their production, but also about traceability and sustainability. These factors also became key selection criteria for brands and products for Archipel.

After leaving Givaudan, Sarah wanted to maintain a strong link to natural ingredients and materials. She also wanted to share the stories of the producers she had had the chance to meet. Sarah found cosmetics to be a perfect vessel for these stories, as we use them every day, and a growing number of people want to know more about the products they apply on their skin daily. Thus the idea for Archipel was born.

Sarah founded Archipel in late 2018, she opened a pop-up store in Geneva, Switzerland and has been operating her permanent store since late 2019. Archipel is also kind of my baby, as I created it and I’m developing it entirely myself. I love sharing my passion for natural ingredients and scents with my clients and feel excited about seeing people being increasingly conscious about what and how they consume daily. It makes me feel more optimistic about the future of our planet!


1. The reason you chose to work with NUORI?

NUORI was literally the first brand I contacted! I loved it because it fitted perfectly the key criteria I had set for Archipel’s selection of natural cosmetics: above 95% of natural ingredients in all formulas, unisex products, beautiful packaging, and very importantly, I wanted to be in direct relationship with the brand (no intermediaries) to really bring transparency to my customers. I believe NUORI understood well the very demanding positioning of Archipel, and NUORI x Archipel partnership was born!

2. Your favourite NUORI product?

It’s difficult to choose as I use several NUORI products in my daily routine, but my favorite product is the Vital Unifier. I love the smell, the freshness felt when applying it, and the fact that it’s very simple to use and multi-usage.

3. Your definition of “Time Well Spent”

It’s a time after which I don’t feel guilty, if I didn’t do everything I was planning to do!

Visit Archipel and Sarah in Geneva, rue des Étuves 12. Normal opening hours 10:30am – 6:30pm Tuesday to Friday, Saturdays 11am to 5pm.

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